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Sheep for Sale

This page lists the breeding stock that we have for sale. Check back, as we update this page with descriptions and photos of sheep as they become available.

To everyone inquiring about ewe lambs. Thanks to all of you for your interest in our breeding program We have been blessed with a large number of inquires for ewe lambs. We have a waiting list for ewe lambs and are sold out for at least a year. I am keeping all inquires. I have noticed most inquiries for ewe lambs are based on the desire for flock genetic improvement in the area of the important maternal traits. I would recommend buying rams from us to improve your genetics and keep replacements from your best ewes. The rams we sell are from our best ewes and those rams will pass on the traits you are looking for. Using our rams on your best ewes to produce replacements will be the quickest way to get our genetics into your flock.

Jeff Hunter, 2/21/22

Rams For Sale
Ram Lambs $600.00 to $750.00. Fall '21 Born Ram Lambs are ready now. Yearling Rams, Fall Rams, and Ram Lambs are available for sale, please contact us for pricing. We typically sell twin born ram lambs born in the first cycle, out of our best ewes. Prices vary, please call.

Ewe Lambs for Sale
Ewe Lamb prices vary, call for current prices. (We do not sell older ewes.) We have Fall, Winter, and Spring born ewe lambs available every year. As of 2/9/22, we have a waiting list for ewe lambs to be born this spring and next fall. We are sold out of ewe lambs until December ’22.

Send me your complete contact information (phone,address,email) and how many ewe lambs you are interested in and I will add you to the list. We like to sell ewe lambs at least two weeks post weaning so they have been vaccinated twice and are well grown before going to another farm.



Prices Subject to Change without notice. Terms of sale: All prices are per head picked up at the farm. Health papers, Registration/Transfer Fees, Delivery Charges, and any special requested vet work or blood tests are all at the buyer’s expense. All sheep are guaranteed healthy at time of shipment. All sheep are guaranteed fertile if fed and cared for properly. 

Visiting the farm requires that you arrive in shoes and clothes that have not been around other livestock for bio-security. Please also bring a truck/trailer that is clean and free of organic matter. 

Sheep can be viewed on the weekends or after 6:30 pm of a weekday evening. We prefer to host all visitors on the weekends. I am not available to assist customers during daytime weekday hours due to my other work at the feedmill which is quite a distance away from the farm.

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